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Go SMART for Summer 2020
Smart Lighting 28/02/2020
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Go SMART for Summer 2020 

It is with pleasure that National Lighting announced the new ranges and features to be added to their SMART lighting range for 2020 today. Following the successful launch of the first National Lighting smart lighting range in Q4 2019, including smart versions of our bestselling CANNON and MONTANA ranges, the brand is now moving on to feature integral RGB smart bulbs and smart outdoor lighting.

‘Alexa, turn on the lights’
The National Lighting smart lighting range has built-in software that you can control remotely for an easier, efficient and personalised way of using your lights. No need for a hub or complex installations. Simply download the app to configure the lights your way, directly from your smartphone or using your voice on smart home voice recognition products, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

As fun as it is safe
Military-grade security ensures guaranteed peace of mind as your data is being handled safely when you use National Lighting’s smart lighting solutions. Allowing you to fully enjoy every feature! Such as the brand new 2020 RGB bulbs that will add a playful addition to the smart lighting range allowing for an array of colours to be chosen on top of the original smart bulb features such as candlelight to daylight.

Decking done smart this summer
Looking forward to those warm summer barbecues? We sure are! With our all-time favourite decking kit IKON PRO being brought into the 2020 smart lighting range. The brand-new feature allows you to change the decking lights directly from your smart home devices into gorgeous colours from standard yellow to bold purple and natural green. Just say: ‘Hey Google, change the deck to blue’. The perfect addition to the smart kitchen and hallway lighting such as the CANNON smart already included in the National Lighting smart home collection.

With retail prices starting at just £5.50, what are you waiting for? Go smart in 2020! The perfect New Years resolution.

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