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Author: Andy_Spark

Gold Lighting

A guide to improving your home with Golden Lighting 

Looking to elevate your interior design? Have you thought about using Golden light fixtures to improve your aesthetic? Well, we have. There is no denying that gold is not only the best finish but also the most luxurious colour you can purchase. As mentioned in my article on ‘Summer 2020 Lighting Trends’, Gold/Brass (or any hue that fulls under the gold category) is very trendy at the moment and is not going away anytime soon.

Led Bathroom Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall… 

Bathrooms are one of the most practical spaces with a home, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t look great. There is one thing that can make a lot of difference within a bathroom and that’s a mirror, more specifically an illuminated mirror.

Editors Picks

On the 12 day of… Our Top 12 Downlights of 2020 

LED downlights have now become the norm; they can come in as a fixed or tilt version, allowing you to direct light where needed. Some downlights are also available with different beam angles, widths, bezel shapes and IP ratings, allowing consumers to gain further flexibilities. So this year we decided to round off the year with our top 12 downlights of 2020.

Palin range
Editors Picks

Modern & Contemporary – Meet the Palin range 

Say HELLO to our seasonal best the PALIN range available at National Lighting, it is one of our largest outdoor lighting collection that offers a variety of sleek outdoor spotlights available in various styles and sizes, all of which are finished off in matt black, gloss white and stainless steel. Providing a stunning designer look for homeowners at an affordable price.