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A guide to improving your home with Golden Lighting
Gold lighting shop the range

A guide to improving your home with Golden Lighting 

Looking to elevate your interior design? Have you thought about using Golden light fixtures to improve your aesthetic? Well, we have. There is no denying that gold is not only the best finish but also the most luxurious colour you can purchase. As mentioned in my article on ‘Summer 2020 Lighting Trends‘, Gold/Brass (or any hue that fulls under the gold category) is very trendy at the moment and is not going away anytime soon. It seems that in general Lighting industries are starting to open up their doors to this glamorous colour and showing it the love that it deserves. Even though it is quite a daring option to choose when considering lighting, it is a great way to illuminate and emphasise the beauty of your interior. This finish not only works well with neutral colours but ones with more of a vibrant colour palette, instantly creating an opulent and luxurious atmosphere within your home.

How to use it:

As mentioned in my article, ‘Summer 2020 Lighting Trends‘, use these lights to accentuate soft coloured backdrops and vibrant ones too whether it be in the kitchen or the living room. For those who want to have a gold element but are too scared to commit; buy a table lamp or floor lamp with a gold finish and place it in the corner of your living room or bedroom, helping to you to brighten up your interior and turn heads.

However, those who are feeling bold; here are just some of our favourite gold fixture that is sure to wow your guests;


The Gunnel is a stunning vintage white and hammered volcano ombre foil table light base perfectly complemented with an off-white linen shade.


The Zoya is an opulent and ornate bright gold painted floral pendant light, formed from long floral leaves and suspended from height adjustable chain. Add some gold glamour to your interior, perfect when paired with LED filament lamps to create striking light patterns.


Add a touch of drama with the Acacius wall light. The smart black box frame is encompassed by beautiful hanging matt gold jewellery-styled in geometric squares for gorgeous light diffusion. Perfect wall light for those who want a contemporary home.


The Phoenix ceiling light with gold effect hexagonal detailing will give modern interiors a designer look with with shimmer and style.


The Riley is a mid-century E27 GLS floor lamp, featuring a perfect combination of gloss opal blown glass shades with brushed brass (gold-look) metalwork with a handy push switch. The Riley floor lamp explores the art of balance with a mix of soft curves blended with a linear structure.


The Cale is a stunning 3-light metal ceiling pendant finished in an opulent gold leaf. Features cutaway detailing which casts a lovely light effect. Compatible with LED lamps and dimmable. A 5-light version is also available.


A guide to improving your home with Golden Lighting

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