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XLED Curve & XLED Slim by Steinel
Product Highlights

XLED Curve & XLED Slim by Steinel 

At National Lighting, we’ve kick-started 2018 improving our catalogue with the latest and the greatest references. Like the XLED Curved and XLED Slim floodlights from Steinel, included in our outdoor lighting range, which are the go-to if you’re looking for quality, design and efficiency.

The Brand – Steinel

Inventors of the first sensor-switched light, Steinel are the pioneer in sensor technology, as well as the leading specialist in motion and presence detectors across Europe. Steinel are endorsed by decades of experience and use cutting-edge technology to produce their high-quality floodlights, providing not only efficiency but also a convenient and safe lighting solution for entrances and pathways.

The Product – XLED Curved and XLED Slim floodlights

Steinel’s XLED Curved and XLED Slim floodlights are defined by their durability and efficiency. They stand out from the rest due to their high light output and long LED lamp life, offering up to 50000 hours of Cool White light (4000k). Discrete but powerful, their precise sensor covers a 160-degree angle to a maximum of 8M to guarantee a proper illumination of the path at all times.

Both the XLED Curved and the XLED Slim have a compact and clean-lined design with two different finishes – Anthracite and White– that blend easily into different styles of outdoor facades and surfaces.

Adding to their outstanding performance and design, the installation of the XLED couldn’t be easier – simply screw the wall mount on the surface, then attach the floodlight head and secure it. Configure the light settings of your choice and you’re good to go.


Find out more about the Steinel XLED floodlight range here or visit any of our nationwide Trade Counters for expert advice.

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