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Seamless and Smooth Paintable Plaster Wall Lights -Discover the range
Plaster Wall Lights- lighting trend 2020
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Seamless and Smooth Paintable Plaster Wall Lights -Discover the range 

The Master of Interior lighting, a blend of plaster and light that combines so seamlessly together. Plaster Wall Lights are undoubtedly becoming the newest craze within the Lighting industry. Packed with new innovative solution to make your interior design more flawless, this new style of wall lights make lighting more exciting, promising, and elegant. So, ‘Why is there so much hype around them?’. The simple answer to this question is that they are not only classy when compared to the average wall light. But you can also personalise them to your interior taste by just painting them in standard indoor emulsion paint. Thus, making these fixtures a perfect choice of light for a contemporary home of today, when compared to its outdated counterpart.

How to use them:

You can utilise these lights anywhere within your home, whether it’s in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, they work very well as an accent piece. In my opinion modern, Plaster Wall Lights work great in a living room, helping to create a calm and collected atmosphere; Letting the fixture stand on its own without being crowed aids to the beauty and design. If you want more of a pop in your decor, use these lights as an accent piece and paint over them to match your aesthetic, helping to transform a boring/mundane reading corner or a study. 

Check out the Plaster Wall Light range at National lighting, featuring:


The Bali is a clean line curved ceramic wall light, diffuses light up and downwards for a modern hotel-style look, finished in white plaster, an understated timeless design. This fitting is easy to paint over to match your walls – or stand out from them.


The Dott is a clean line curved contemporary wall light, formed from smooth white plaster that complements today’s modern interiors. Create architectural style with a modern integrated 2 x 2W LED light source for a minimalist up & downlight effect.


The Miles integrated 2x 3.4W hi-power LED twin wall light in white plaster is perfect for creating eye-catching beams of the integrated LED light. This fitting can be painted over to suit your interior.


The Rolf G9 white plaster wall light is the perfect minimalist up & down wall light. The plaster can be painted over to suit your wall colour and create a seamless finish.


The Buck is a clean line contemporary cylinder wall light with a calm, timeless feel, constructed from pure white plaster that complements today’s modern interiors. Perfect to create a soft architectural style glow when used with G9 LED lamps.


The Hila is an unglazed ceramic wall light perfect for walls where uplighting is required. Both dimmable and suitable for use with LED lamps. The simplistic design with some detail to the top makes it unobtrusive, and it can be painted to match the wall colour.

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