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Finding the right Colour Temp for your Home
Colour Temperatures Blog 27/01/2020
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Finding the right Colour Temp for your Home 

At National Lighting we pride ourselves on our lighting knowledge. So, we thought it would only be best to write an article to help you choose the right lamp, with the right Colour Temp, to fit the right aesthetic.

First, let’s talk about the two important factors that go into choosing a lamp. While working at National Lighting I found out that every Light Source has two distinct elements; the first part comes as no surprise, and that is the Brightness of a lamp, which is measured in Lumens (meaning the amount of light that the lamp will give out).

The second is the all important ‘Colour Temp’ of a lamp, which is measured in Kelvin (meaning the base unit of temperature in the International System of Units) and indicates how Cool or Warm the light is. It is essential to remember that Warmer Lamps and fittings have a low kelvin number, whereas Cooler Lamps and Fittings have a high kelvin number.

WARM White (<3800k)

Warm White Lamps are generally used for creating a more relaxed feel within a Dining Room, Living Room and Reception areas.

COOL White (3900K to 5800k)

Whereas, Cool White Lamps are a good choice for retail and office spaces, where a simulated Natural/Outdoor light is preferred.

But you can also find it used in Modern/Contemporary Kitchen areas and Bathrooms, where it helps to compliment and highlight the décor.

DAYLIGHT White (>5900k)

Finally, Daylight White Lamps are usually the perfect choice for Industrial and Healthcare Facilities, where the most natural light is required.  

At National Lighting we believe choosing the right fitting or lamp is valuable in creating that perfect Ambience. So, we hope this article helps you to choose the right lamp for the right space within your home.

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