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LED Strip Lights: Purchase & Installation

LED Strip Lights: Purchase & Installation 

Light emitting diodes (LED) lights are the latest rage in lighting for both bright and subtle lighting. LED lights are popular because they are just as bright as bulbs and last virtually forever by using minimal energy. They do not produce much heat, and one can easily control and program them for a variety of uses.

Starting out as decoration lights, the LED strip lights have now found applicable in various scenarios. In the bathroom, the LED strip lights are waterproof; in corridors, the LED strip lights are mounted on aluminum panels; and to highlight a piece of art, the LED strip lights come in the form of ropes.

When buying the LED strip lights, it is more important to check the number of lights per meter (or yard or foot) than the total number in the strip. The reason is that if the lights are strung too far apart, the lighting will be diffused and less effective. With the refinement of technology, the small diodes of the LED strip lights now produce much brighter light. But do you always want such bright light? For example, the LED strip lights for signage must necessarily be bright, as much as 500 to 750 lumens. In contrast, just 150 to 250 lumens are adequate for accent lighting. So make sure you select the LED strip lights based on your use. As most reputable manufacturers of LED strip lights list the amount of lumens that their products produce, you can make an informed decision.

LED strip lights can change colours and also come in a range of colours. LED strip lights with a single non-changing colour are called non-addressable lights. These are inexpensive and easy to install. Those that change colours are of two types:

  • Non addressable RGB strips
  • Addressable RGB strips

Of the two, the second kind is more expensive because they have a small controller that controls each LED individually. These are therefore usually preferred for commercial rather than domestic use.

Another type of LED strip light is one that has colour adjustable temperatures. The light appears warm or cold depending on the colour temperature. For example, the bedroom and living rooms require a soft white light that is cool. Bathrooms and outdoor lighting must on the other hand mimic daylight. The term used to rate temperature is Kelvin; a higher Kelvin represents cool colours and a lower Kelvin represents warmer colours. Adjustable temperature LED strips can be very useful for various types of mood lighting.

Note that not all LED strip lights come with an adhesive backing that you can simply stick to any surface and then plug in. In complex installations, the strips must be cut and programmed, which is a complex procedure. Before you buy the strips, determine the length, the power and voltage, and the need for connectors and programming

Gaining more and more popularity with each passing day LED light strips are being lapped up by buyers for residential and commercial applications alike. The primary reason behind their increasing usage is that they skillfully light outdoor and indoor spaces, in energy efficient and cost effective ways. Freely available online and in your local lighting specialty stores, these products can be purchased from a wide range of designs and attractive colors. 100% customizable and lightweight, these LED strip lighting systems can be cut to meet all kinds of length requirements and are suited for your target applications too.

n case you have not observed so far, do know that these light strips are being used almost everywhere in their SMD 5050 and SMD 3528type variants. Their applications are indeed many. From background lighting in advertising banners to commercial lighting settings in hotels, exhibitions, shops, and supermarkets, they are being installed in different innovative ways. In addition, LED lights of this variety are coming in handy as garden installations and kitchen/bathroom lighting too. Read on for the best ideas that tell you how to include these charmingly discrete enhancements in your personal space. Here are some easy-to-apply inspirations for you.


At the very onset, you need to determine whether you wish to go in for SMD 5050 or SMD 3528 LED light strip installations. While SMD 5050 is known for emitting brighter light beams, SMD 3528 is more cost-effective and energy-efficient. Take your pick.

Additionally, SMD 5050 lights feature some highly flexible and attractive multi-color modes. Complete with a remote controller, they can be fittingly adjusted for attaining multiple color combinations and hues. Very popular as more flashy installations, these products are often purchased by those looking for easy ways of changing and adjusting their lights. On the other hand, SMD 3528 LED light fittings are best suited for areas that need to be enhanced via subtle lights.

LED Strip Light Applications for YOU

Once you have decided upon the SMD type that suits your LED light strips, you need to freeze upon impressive ways of installing the same.


Give your bedroom the makeover it deserves by installing high-quality LED fixtures, lamps and fittings. Choose from an exhaustive catalogue of energy-saving light strips, have them installed carefully, and ensure a beautiful (yet not too bright) personal space for you and your partner. Go ahead and create a magical effect around the headboard flanking your bed, light up the insides or edges of your wardrobes, or make your ceiling add more glam to your romantic moments. Yes, there is absolutely no end to innovative ideas that LED lights bring in to customize your bedroom lighting, and how!


Spend more time in your garden or on your patio on long summer nights. The employment of garden LED strip lighting systems in your outdoors will enhance your living style and experiences to the hilt, and are certainly worth the cause. You may like to opt for subtle night lighting that fringe your garden paths, or the edges of your patio. Or, you may use innovative LED ideas to throw some light around your favorite bushes and trees, fountains, or other landscaping structures. SMD 5050 and SMD 3825 will both enhance the effect created by your garden LED fittings to the optimum levels, and will wow you with multiple or single colors; sudden flashes of light too!

So, wait no longer and go in for these LED energy-conserving options that add more pleasure to your outdoor moments.


Your bathroom sinks, mirrors, closets, showers…. They can all benefit by the installations of LED strip lights. While most homeowners would prefer blue LEDs for enhancing their bathroom’s design, you may like to go for more subtle colors – either way; there are many installation and application ideas that will align with your overall budget. These lights consume little energy and run on very low voltage. They add less to your electricity bills by making you switch on your main ceiling lights frugally.


With these LED lights giving off their soft, friendly glow, you can enter the kitchen for your late midnight snacks without waking anyone. You need not switch on those glaring big lights too. These LED strip lamps will add a refreshing, classy feel to your kitchen closets, counters, and all other areas chosen by you. You will love the way your kitchen looks after being introduced to the new LED technology – enjoy!


Create the right dining experiences for yourself, your family, and all guests alike. Smartly arranged LED strips will create the right ambience for your meals and create a comfortable atmosphere in the most subtle way. You may like to install these lights on the ceiling, around the lower edges of your dining table, or in the light panels located on the walls near your bar space. Go for single or multiple color options that align with your existing interior decor and theme to perfection. The right combination will uplift your mood instantly!

Way Forward

There is a lot that you can do to your environment with these energy-saving LED light strip applications & installation. Adjust their brightness in line with your preference, divulge in the best lighting experiences, and enhance your outdoor / indoor spaces to perfection. Get in touch with your LED light dealer and say “hello” to a better looking home – today!

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