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Flight Daylight Harvesting Panels
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Flight Daylight Harvesting Panels 

On this week’s spotlight, we’re introducing the latest addition to our comprehensive FLIGHT range, a brand-new LED daylight harvesting panel.

The new Flight LED panel uses the latest daylight harvesting technology and automatically adjusts the light output to achieve a target LUX level by sensing the amount of natural light in the room. This clever energy management technique means the fitting adapts to your lighting needs, which entails a significant reduction on unnecessary overhead lighting and energy spend.

A must-have fitting for property developers and business owners, the Flight guarantees an optimum light level at all times, at a fraction of the cost. Indeed, it can be easily adjusted from 100 LUX to 450 LUX (in 50 LUX steps) by using DIP switches on installation to suit your requirements. This smart fitting uses edge-lit technology and boasts an ultra slim profile that makes it suitable for T-bar ceilings.

The new Flight LED panel provides a great, automated control of lights that ticks all the right boxes – efficiency, energy saving and sustainability. Find out more about this panel and the rest of the range here or visit any of our nationwide trade counters for further details and expert advice.

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